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Melih Gökçek Bulvarı Halk İş Merkezi No:17/17 Yenimahalle/Ankara
Edea Machine

Our company was founded in 2005 in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone under the name of Edea Makina and provides engineering services. SCM4 machines serving in the field has announced its name to the market and is constantly expanding its field.

We will continue our services as a company that always advances to our valued customers without compromising its goal of offering quality at the most reasonable price.


Application Areas
Water evaporation applications in ponds iron, copper, chromium, etc. In the enterprises we realize with advanced fan machines.
In open areas, with fixed or mobile machine options, 30-40 meters and more water spray distance with fan spray dust control system suppresses dust in large and open fields.
With increasing industrial pollution and increasing environmental pollution with solid waste plants, indoor areas such as poultry farms, garbage disposal and garbage storage, indoor areas such as poultry farms, collection unloading and storage, together with dust emitted to the environment, mobile fan spray and constant dust control systems and distributes.
During the demolition of the building, the dust emitted to the environment is suppressed by the mobile fan steam spray control system and the dust is controlled by dust control systems in the open area.
Dust which is formed in iron and steel mills during excavation process and in many different stages of production is suppressed by mobile fan spray and fixed dust control systems.
In thermal power stations, bunker feeds in truck loading and unloading areas, rotary crusher-impact crushers, conveyor belt transfer points, spill area and stacker area are suppressed by the effect of wind and mobile fan spray and fixed dust control systems.
Dust that occurs in concrete batching plants, bunker feeds, bucket feeds, truck discharges and conveyor belt points is suppressed with mobile fan spray and fixed dust control systems.
In the crushing and sieving facilities, the dust generated by ladle truck loading during the production, the dust generated during the unloading of the truck and the dust generated by the effects of the wind in the heap regions are suppressed by mobile fan spray and fixed dust control systems.
In cement factories, truck unloading hoppers, raw material crushers, conveyor belt transfer points are loaded with bucket truck loading, the dust generated during truck unloading is suppressed by mobile fan spray and fixed dust control systems.
During the truck unloading in factories, it suppresses dust by means of fully automated fixed fan and nozzle spray control systems with moving sensor control.
The truck chassis and wheel washing system is designed to wash the wheels and dampers of vehicles such as trucks and lorries used in mines, solid waste recycling facilities, blending facilities, cement plants, excavation sites in excavation areas. It can be produced in various wheel sizes for vehicle densities. Assembly...
Foam and watery extinguishing systems that provide quick and precise intervention in case of fire, also carry out cooling and extinguishing operations.
Head Office Address:
Melih Gökçek Bulvarı, Halk İş Merkezi No:17/17, 06560, Yenimahalle/ANKARA/TURKEY

Antalya Representative Address:
Cikcilli Mahallesi, Kerim Ertekin Caddesi No:31, 07400, Alanya/ANTALYA/TURKEY
+90 312 395 85 29
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